Wednesday, February 10, 2016

About Site A

Basically today I have done nothing. This is my problem. Either getting board fast or get distracted. Only productive thing I have done today was making a post in one of my AdSense sites. Haven't done a single thing for this project. So since I have make my mind to update the Journey blog everyday I thought it's better be something useful. So in this post I will be talking about the main site I have in this project. Which I will call as Site A. I have had this site for like 2 years and it has around 30 posts and pages together.

It's a product name. Not a brand name or model name. Domain has product name in it. In Amazon it's belong to consumer electronics category. Price range is $250 - $20 depending on brands, models and related accessories.

The main keyword phrase has 32,600,000 results in
  1. Amazon
  2. Wikipedia
  3. Dominant Brand site
  4. Dominant Brand site
  5. Another Popular brand site
  6.  (A store site)
  7. (A store site)
  8. Another brand site
  9. A store site
  10. A store site
 Well I hope I will able to reach among top 10 but it's gonna be really hard. These Brand sites kind of have full authority over the niche it will be next to impossible to reach #1 but I don't mind anywhere with first 10 in search result. Monthly search volume for this keyword phrase is around 49500. Write now I'm no where around first 500 places in the search result, I'm sure.

This Product has lots of old and new models by several brands so my plan is to target those. I'm using A free Keyword tracker to called which let you track 25 keywords in it's free version. More than enough for me right now. 

So here's what MOZ open site Explorer says about the root domain,


And Here's what Majestic site explorer says about the root domain,


So you can see things are not exactly promising for now. This site need lots of  link building not just content.  Domain Authority is pretty bad right now. 

Here's Clicks and Impressions from last 30 days from Google search,


It's around 25-30 clicks per day average. Good thing is most of traffic is from USA. That's exactly what I wanted,

So lastly Amazon stats from the begin of February is 52 clicks and 4 items ordered. Total earnings from the Site A is $7.64 so far for the month. So I guess that's all I can tell about the site A. By end of this month stats should be better than this in all areas. That will happen only if I work hard. There are 4 more sites in this project too.

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