Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Beginning

I have been earning money online for over 10 years and I can't say still I'm earning something which I can be happy about. My problem is I'm not focusing enough and not staying with one goal till I reach those. So I thought it's good to start a Journey blog to keep everything accounted. So lets see what's my game plan is,
  • I'm going to make 5 Amazon sites in different niches.
  • Each site will have 30+ pages as start and then continue adding pages.
  • Primary traffic source will be Google Search.
  • Secondary traffic source will be Social Media.
I have these 5 sites already made. Domains are at least 1 year old and all sites have various number of articles already posted. But the problem is since I haven't posted regularly traffic dried out after a while. So main task will be keep posting articles. 

There are 2 methods I have to think about. Either create article for every keyword you find in niche or create articles for low competitive keyword phrases which would rank easily. I hate when I have to choose...

I know the practical method is use low competitive keywords but I think if you are going to make an authority site then you will need to have something about everything.

I have read so many journey threads in various forums and seen people walk into success. Many who has started doing all these long after I have started. So it's high time for me to do something about. 

I have around 20 domains / sites which are ready for Amazon. All need content though. I have picked 4 web sites and still unable to decide on the fifth one. Also I will use different methods to create content.

So thats enough for the this post. In next post I will post all current ranking and traffic stats.

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