Thursday, February 11, 2016

Site B

So my second website for this project will be called Site B. This is another Amazon related web site I had for couple of years just sitting idle gathering dust. It had around 8 posts and pages. This site is special to me because my very first Amazon earner was a blogspot blog related to this one.

I guess I don't mind revealing the niche. It's about line of cameras. Not a brand or model but it's like lets say DSLR cameras. Long time ago I made a blogger account targeting the a model and has some nice earnings. Not a lot, just like $60 per month. Sadly site was removed from Blogger. Maybe it has too many Amazon ads. But it had plenty of unique and good content. I was doing some quality back link building for that too. Then suddenly I found the site vanish and message saying it's removed because spamming. After that I have never used free blogs for anything serious.

So back to the site, Main keyword is not in domain name. Main keyword has around 18100 monthly traffic as to Adword Keyword planner. Since it's about line of cameras most of traffic comes for model names so I have to target all model names. 

Main keyword phrase has about 13,000,000 results in Google search. First 2 results are Wikipedia and rest is mixer or popular review sites and brand sites. It would be really hard to crack this one but I really have no plan to that either. My plan is to go after model names and accessories.

So lets see what MOZ Open Site Explorer says about the site,


It's a long way to go. Site B needs a solid back-link profile. Domain Authority (DA) is 1/100 and Page Authority (PA) is 1/100. Basically it's not much different from a brand new site. So now lets check what Majestic site explorer says about site B,


There's nothing to show about traffic stats. Site gets one or two visitors per day from Google search and that's all. I think before  start building backlinks, this site need some good content. I should first make at least 24 posts before start working on off site search engine optimization.

Google webmaster tools shows around 56 incoming links from other sites but nothing related to niche. I think this one need some good Web 2 properties and other quality links.

Right now I have home page as an static page rather than showing off blog posts. But I'm not sure if it's working since   I don't see the site anywhere for main keyword. Maybe I should go back to usual system in Wordpress.

This site needs lots of work, if I make a list ,

  • Lots of new Content.
  • Link Profile.
  • Social Media presence. etc.
Site B needs lots of more work than Site A. Site C is not much different from this one either.

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